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sweetspets replied to your post: 6 selfies thing???????? sure

U R So cute???? wtf???

THANK YOU OMG„, *zooms really fast**

wtf i’m so jealous of all your clothes where do you get them (you’re adorable)

thank you!! :D and i shop at a lot of places haha im always looking for clothes…..i have a lot of stuff from forever 21 and i buy from a lot of online stores, heres my storenvy (though id be careful buying from there bc theres plenty of scam stores) i also like stuff from galaxxxy and maniaq but i have yet to buy anything from them…

6 selfies thing???????? sure

hey sorry ive been gone so long hi everyone :0 i started cymbalta today does anyone else have experience w/ it? ive been extremely groggy/vaguely nauseous & unable to do a whole lot because of it but ive felt generally calm….i have no idea if this is actually from the cymbalta though since i just started



i was specifically thinking of big hero 6 in that post which. not only is rly racist/based off a rly racist comic but i cant believe people are saying disney girl characters look so different from each other & trying to defend it like look ? at the male characters in the movie? the variation in character design isnt even comparable

im so disillusioned w/ girl characters having a slightly longer nose or just differing heights or one of them having glasses to create diversity in character design  im not going to be satisfied until girl characters have as much variation as guy characters do Especially in media that is supposed to be really toony & exaggerated


my purin ! ヾ(。・ω・。)


my purin ! ヾ(。・ω・。)

HELLO everyone im back from mlp fair. it was fun i bought a lot of ponies. im tired  & i will probably take nice photos of all the ponies i bought later!