kitty world
You're like the cutest thing ever <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! i have no  idea why im getting messages like this lately  but it makes me really happy omg  thank u….

You are such an adorable human-being.... I wish I was as cute as you!!

thank you  so much !!!!!!!! ^o^  im sure you are super cute though anon only the cutest ppl leave nice messages like  this

Do you think gay people have no eyelashes? I'm pretty sure I have eyelashes

i dont understand how 1) that post is still getting reblogged and has 80k notes 2) this is the message a sizable chunk of people got out of it… was not specifically about eyelashes, i draw eyelashes on tons of things, i know everyone has eyelashes lord

it was about straight people pointlessly gendering animal/inanimate object couples so that they fit heteronormativity, and how its especially bothersome that the girl one is the one who gets the gender markers (eyelashes, a bow, lipstick, ETC)

(I'm too scared to text you on twitter but I'd watch HL2 stream, if I can catch it.)

yay good to know!!! you dont have to be scared abt talking to me on twitter i love talking to ppl on twitter :^)

(for ppl who dont follow me on there, ive been replaying half life 2 again lately and was thinking about streaming it)

hi……sorry ive been off tumblr so much ive had anxiety about posting things lately :S i have asks to answer though so im going to get on that

sweetspets replied to your post: 6 selfies thing???????? sure

U R So cute???? wtf???

THANK YOU OMG„, *zooms really fast**

wtf i’m so jealous of all your clothes where do you get them (you’re adorable)

thank you!! :D and i shop at a lot of places haha im always looking for clothes…..i have a lot of stuff from forever 21 and i buy from a lot of online stores, heres my storenvy (though id be careful buying from there bc theres plenty of scam stores) i also like stuff from galaxxxy and maniaq but i have yet to buy anything from them…

6 selfies thing???????? sure

hey sorry ive been gone so long hi everyone :0 i started cymbalta today does anyone else have experience w/ it? ive been extremely groggy/vaguely nauseous & unable to do a whole lot because of it but ive felt generally calm….i have no idea if this is actually from the cymbalta though since i just started